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Sostanza heeft de warme uitstraling van hout, is ergonomisch en navulbaar zoals een vulpotlood. 

Houder gemaakt uit kersen hout
Lengte 150mm
Diameter 6-11mm
Gewicht 6-8gr

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The history of the product

SOSTANZA consists of two components: the main body which houses the mine and the silver ring flowing outwards towards the head until it locks. SOSTANZA has been designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. Centers of excellence for the wood processing and melting of precious metals take part in the production process. Intuitive and easy to use, SOSTANZA shows that a simple tool can easily be beautiful and useful. Wood is an uneven, living material, that changes with time and use. Each piece shows traces of a different natural history imprinted in matter. SOSTANZA is available in four different species, in their natural color (Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry Tree, Amaranth), and each timber is combined with a different finishing of the ring, that defines a precise aesthetic. Product belonging to Pininfarina Segno Collection.

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